Welcome to World History!

Course Syllabus:

Everything you need to know about the purpose of this course, classroom behavior expectations, procedures, grading, etc. can be found in your syllabus!  

After you and a guardian have read and agreed to the syllabus, I will check it and give you credit for your signatures.


Keep your syllabus at the front of your binder at all times! 

World History Curriculum:

Learning Units for FIRST Semester:

  • UNIT 1: The Rise of Civilization through Rome & the Spread of Christianity (A Review of World History to circa 500 CE)

  • UNIT 2: The Spread of Islam (circa 600 to 1250 CE)

  • UNIT 3: Pre-Colonial African Societies & Empires (African History to circa 1500 CE)

  • UNIT 4: East Asian Empires (circa 600 to 1350 CE)

  • UNIT 5: The European Middle Ages (circa 500 to 1500 CE)

  • UNIT 6: Renaissance & Reformation Europe (circa 1300 to 1600 CE)



Learning Units for SECOND Semester:

  • UNIT 7: Age of Exploration & Isolation (circa 1400-1700)

  • UNIT 8: New Muslim Empires (circa 1400-1800)

  • UNIT 9: Early Modern Europe: Absolute Monarchs, the Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment (circa 1500 - 1800)

  • UNIT 10: Age of Revolutions (circa 1776 through 1900)

  • UNIT 11: Age of Industrialization & Imperialism (circa 1700-1900)

  • UNIT 12: Crisis of the Twentieth Century and Contemporary Global Issues (circa 1900 to Present)


Required Materials:

Please bring these required materials to class EVERY DAY:

  • Your PLANNER & covered TEXTBOOK

  • A 2-Inch THREE-RING BINDER with lined notebook PAPER

  • 4 labeled, divided SECTIONS in your binder (journal, notes, handouts, maps/geography)

  • WRITING UTENSILS- pens and #2 pencil for tests/quizzes


-= BONUS Materials that would be nice to have: Colored pencils, scissors, ruler, glue, etc.=-

*** Bringing Your Materials to Class Counts Towards Your Participation Grade***



Our school requests that you have a 3 ring binder for each core class you are taking. Please see me as soon as possible if you need assistance acquiring these materials - we will help you!

Basic Classroom Expectations:


Everyone, at all times, will demonstrate Respect FOR:​​​

  • One's Self
  • Others
  • Our classroom/school environment and materials

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