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Welcome to World History!

Course Syllabus:

Everything you need to know about the purpose of this course, classroom behavior expectations, procedures, grading, etc. can be found in your syllabus!  

After you and a guardian have read and agreed to the syllabus, I will check it and give you credit for your signatures.


Keep your syllabus at the front of your binder at all times! 

Click Here to View Syllabus PDF
Click Here to Download Syllabus

World History Curriculum:

Learning Units for FIRST Semester:

  • UNIT 1: The Rise of Civilization through Rome & the Spread of Christianity (A Review of World History to circa 500 CE)

  • UNIT 2: The Spread of Islam (circa 600 to 1250 CE)

  • UNIT 3: Pre-Colonial African Societies & Empires (African History to circa 1500 CE)

  • UNIT 4: East Asian Empires (circa 600 to 1350 CE)

  • UNIT 5: The European Middle Ages (circa 500 to 1500 CE)

  • UNIT 6: Renaissance & Reformation Europe (circa 1300 to 1600 CE)



Learning Units for SECOND Semester:

  • UNIT 7: Age of Exploration & Isolation (circa 1400-1700)

  • UNIT 8: New Muslim Empires (circa 1400-1800)

  • UNIT 9: Early Modern Europe: Absolute Monarchs, the Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment (circa 1500 - 1800)

  • UNIT 10: Age of Revolutions (circa 1776 through 1900)

  • UNIT 11: Age of Industrialization & Imperialism (circa 1700-1900)

  • UNIT 12: Crisis of the Twentieth Century and Contemporary Global Issues (circa 1900 to Present)


Required Materials:

Please bring these required materials to class EVERY DAY:

  • Your PLANNER & covered TEXTBOOK

  • A 2-Inch THREE-RING BINDER with lined notebook PAPER

  • 4 labeled, divided SECTIONS in your binder (journal, notes, handouts, maps/geography)

  • WRITING UTENSILS- pens and #2 pencil for tests/quizzes


-= BONUS Materials that would be nice to have: Colored pencils, scissors, ruler, glue, etc.=-

*** Bringing Your Materials to Class Counts Towards Your Participation Grade***



Our school requests that you have a 3 ring binder for each core class you are taking. Please see me as soon as possible if you need assistance acquiring these materials - we will help you!

Basic Classroom Expectations:


Everyone, at all times, will demonstrate Respect FOR:​​​

  • One's Self
  • Others
  • Our classroom/school environment and materials
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