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This will be Ms. Naill-Alderink’s 17th year teaching Social Studies at Sparta High School and her 18th year teaching overall . She earned her bachelor’s degree in History and English from Kalamazoo College and completed her Masters Degree in Humanities at Central Michigan University.


Ms. Naill-Alderink believes that History can be incredibly interesting, exciting, and even….fun! She wants to share this view with the amazing students that she is privileged to teach at Sparta High School!

In her free time, Ms. Naill can be found gardening, playing guitar and singing, painting and drawing, reading fiction, traveling, playing video games, watching movies, and spending time with her incredible husband and their beautiful daughter. Ms. Naill-Alderink also loves to teach and help her students so, please don’t hesitate to contact her and speak to her if you are ever in need of help with academics or anything else that is on your mind!

Ms. Naill-Alderink Loves to Travel:

Look carefully in the PowerPoints and ChromeSlides for personal pictures taken by Ms. Naill or her friends & family of many of the historic sites we will discuss in class!

When Ms. Naill was a little girl, she lived in Kitzingen, Germany for nearly 4 years.   This experience helped to shape her love of History (especially the Middle Ages) at a very early age.  

Ms. Naill in Oberammergau, - Bavaria,Germany in 2016

Ms. Naill-Alderink's Educational and Teaching Background:

Ms. Naill loves Spongebob...

"Interesting" Facts

Ms. Naill Loves:

- Cats (especially her "boys" Gary and Eric)

- Bird-Watching

- Playing Dungeons & Dragons

- Playing Nintendo Games

- Playing board games

- Nature Documentaries

- Watching Movies

- My Little Pony Friendship of Magic

- Cheese!

- Cartoons!

- Singing, playing piano & guitar

- Painting, Drawing & "Zentangling"

- Arts & Crafts!

Mona Shores High School

- Graduated in 1996

- Favorite Subjects: English/Literature, History, French, Science, & Civics

- Favorite Extra Curricular Activities: Acting in plays, singing in choir, playing trumpet in marching band, Amnesty International, Students for Environmental Awareness

Kalamazoo College

- Graduated Cum Laude in 2000

- Major: History, Minor: English

- History Department Honors for Studies in History

- Academic and Vocal Music Scholarships all four years

Central Michigan University

- Masters Degree in Humanities 2008 


- Comstock Park High School 2000-2001

- Sparta High School 2001 to the Present (History, English, Drama)

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